Paint by thoughts only….

Paint by thoughts only… intendiX enables a new way of creativity!

The intendiX System by g.tec includes user-ready Brain-Computer Interface systems. General purpose is to control a computer withouth manual interaction.

Recently the PAINTING application was released as latest intendiX module. It enables users to draw pictures without any manual interaction – just by thoughts! You can select different colors, shapes, cursor sizes, etc. and therefore you can let creativitiy take its course!

One of the main goals of this product is to support disabled people. intendiX Painting allows disabled or healthy people to draw without using muscle activity, making it entertaining and easy.


Picture created with intendiX-Painting

Picture created with intendiX-Painting

A lot of people already tried this new system – here are some of them:

Thomas Ruff (Photographer, Germany) “I don’t know what sort of pictures will be painted. But for sure it will be pictures that we never saw before!”

Neo Rauch (Painter, Germany)

Erwin Wurm (Artist, Austria) “Incredible, my brain controls the machine!”

Kathatina Grosse (Painter, Germany)

Adi Hoesle (Retrogradist, Germany) “As a co-developer and experienced user of brain painting software I would state that intendiX from g.tec has set a milestone in BCI application, especially for handicapped people! Handy equipment, easy to apply, stable software, functional.”
“With intendiX Painting the art of the 3rd millenium can no longer ignore brain-computer interface technology”

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler and Adi Hoesle, the “parents” of brain painting! (see

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2 Responses to Paint by thoughts only….

  1. jav3d says:

    While the idea of painting directly with your thoughts is awesome, how long before the human body gets totally discraded and obsolete? : ) I have nothing against that too but I also don’t see a viable replacement yet ; )

    Another thing that worries me is the potential military application. How long before we see brain-controlled drones throwing bombs and killing people?

    Don’t get me wrong! I’m a big adherent of technological progress. Only, certain technologies can and will have a profound effect on human life. This seems to be one of them, so in my humble opinion a larger public debate on the use and mis-use of this technology is called for.

  2. gtecblogger says:

    Thank you for your comment. We mainly thought about heavily disabled people (for instance suffering from ALS). They are totally locked into their own body. The intendiX Painting is maybe the only possibility for them to express themselves.

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